The Divine Remembrance Experience
October 13th, 2020 12:00pm pst
A Live Virtual Event To Remember Why You Are Here and Find Your Perfect Next Step
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You Came to Earth for a Reason.

Before you ever incarnated as a human...

You formulated a plan for your life...

And all around you are the clues and guidance leading you to your next perfect step.

If you can lean into surrender...

And humbly receive the messages already here for you...

A new powerful exciting future will open - and you will experience the deep fulfillment of one truly walking their path.
If you are ready, join James and Edward for a LIVE experience of Remembrance on October 6th.
Frequently Asked Questions

When Will it Start?

We start on October 13th at 12PM PST.

Do I have to show up live?

Although you will get the most out of it if you show up LIVE at 12PM PST, the session will be recorded so you can catch up at night.

How Much Does it Cost?

Although an experience like this is $197 Value, I'm giving this to you for FREE - if you agree to full participate and share your results!
Meet Your Mentor

James Seriph has taught over 100,000 students the true powers of the chakras - and how they can help us achieve massive success and happiness in our modern life, and help us create the change our planet is longing for.